Speech to Text (windows) doesn't seem to "like" UltraEdit?

Speech to Text (windows) doesn't seem to "like" UltraEdit?

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    14:21 - 16 days ago#1

    I'm using 2023.1.0.23 64-bit on windows server 2022
    I'm trying to get windows speech to text to work
    I did ensure that I didn't have any misconfiguration with that - it seems to work in Notepad and other apps
    However, in UltraEdit, it's not working

    I can use Notepad, but it would be lovely to use my favorite editor here.

    I did search the forum and saw a post about this from years ago. Before I go and email support I just wanted to sanity check here in case there is some random thing I am missing.

    -- The Digital Sorceress