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    Sep 07, 2023#31

    UES and UE were updated to 2023.1.0.23 this morning.  Included in the list of fixes is the change back to the original round icon.

    Screenshot 2023-09-07 120007.png (180.72KiB)

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      Sep 07, 2023#32

      Hello everyone,

      We've posted a new thread about a new proposed icon set for UE. This set of icons will hopefully address the grievances shared in this thread—but to eliminate the guesswork, we are asking for feedback before we implement the changes (as we should have done prior).

      Hopefully, we can can continue the discussion over at the other thread.

      Tristan Soliven,
      Product Marketing Manager

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        14:16 - Feb 11#33

        I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU to the UltraEdit Team, to Mofi and to this forum - the recent release completely fixed my issue and I have my happy old icons back and am overjoyed. THANK YOU
        -- The Digital Sorceress

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