SVN https support?

SVN https support?


    Jul 08, 2006#1


    I would like to know if UEStudio can access a SVN repository via https.

    Thank you in advance,


      Aug 07, 2006#2

      I just installed today and am trying to set up the same thing.

      I tried using HTTP:// and just setting the port to 443 but it didn't work.

      Any help with this?


        Aug 15, 2006#3

        ditto for me.

        Lucily I can reprogram the repository to use just http but I would prefer not to have to.



          Nov 04, 2009#4

          Although UES 9.2 does not officially support the https protocol with Subversion use, you CAN make UES use https.

          First: set up your svn stuff using TortoiseSVN (or something similar), including checking out all the existing project files you will need.

          Second, setup your SVN accounts in UES:
          1. Project menu / Verson Control System
          2. In dialog, under VCS Accts:
          Account = whatever-acct-name-you-want
          Protocol = http [NOTE: this will be manually overridden later in the ini file]
          Server = the name of your svn server
          Port = your svn server's port; mine is 8443
          Repository = /your-repos-name-here; mine is /svn/QCMC
          Username = your svn login name
          Password = your svn password
          3. Apply/save the acct
          4. Open the global UEStudio.INI file; mine is in C:\Documents and Settings\myloginname\Application Data\IDMComp\UEStudio\UEStudio.INI
          5. Find the line(s) Protocol=http and replace it with Protocol=https
          6. Save and close the ini file.

          Last, follow IDM's instructions ... etect.html for creating your UES project and adding your version-controlled files into it.

          Warning: since this is not supported, if you at any time change your svn acct in UES, the protocol will likely revert back to one of the built-in choices, and then you will have to edit the INI file again.