syntax highlighting on a new file

syntax highlighting on a new file


    Dec 08, 2005#1

    Hi all,

    I find it very annoying that there is no possibility to specify a "default" highlighting language. By default, i mean a highlighting when the file is not saved yet (no known extension).

    I work a lot with templates and i want my templates to be syntax highlighted when i insert them. I do have to enable this manually all the time......


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      Dec 08, 2005#2


      Not sure which version you are using but in 11.20a
      you can view an unsaved file with syntax highlighting by using View->View As(Highlighting File Type)->

      and then choose which type you want your unsaved file to be viewed as


        Dec 08, 2005#3

        Yes, indeed,

        BUT you always have to manually choose that option. I want to specify a default highlighting. So that the file gets colored without having to specify EVERY TIME View->View As(Highlighting File Type)->Language x

        By default, it is now: No coloring.

          Dec 08, 2005#4

          PS. I am using version 10.20c
          If this is possible in a higher version, please let me know. Time to upgrade :-)


            Dec 08, 2005#5

            Hi guys,

            try this in your wordfile in your default language:

            File Extensions = *

            And .. Here we go !

            rds Bego :D
            Normally using all newest english version incl. each hotfix. Win 10 64 bit

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              Dec 08, 2005#6

              The * as file extension in the wordfile for default highlighting also works in older versions of UltraEdit. It's not necessary, that it is the only file extension for a language setting. It must be only the last one.

              Example: html language as default for unknown files:

              File Extensions = HTM HTML SHTML HTT HTX CFM JSP PHP PHTML ASP *

              Since UE v12.20 it is possible to configure in the syntax highlighting dialog which language should be used by default for highlighting new unsaved files.
              Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria