UC - How to save just the differences?

UC - How to save just the differences?


    Jun 12, 2014#1

    Hi guys,

    today I have downloaded UC, pretty nice software though I have an issue with saving the differences. I carefully informed on Google, found some instructions how to save result as only differences (Options -> Configuration -> Backup and Save -> Diff in context result). I was able to get the Result file, though there is a lot of crappy symbols and new lines with "+, -, @@ +10,6 -9,5 @@" etc.
    I only need to save my differences without having "+, -, @@ +10,6 -9,5 @@". Please give me an advice how to do that.

    Thank you in advance,

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      Jun 12, 2014#2

      That can be done similar to UC 8.50 - How to save matching lines only?

      The difference to the instructions in this topic is that the icon with the unequal sign respectively the command Just Differences in menu View is selected before following the rest of the instructions.

      Click into the file with the different lines you want to save. Press Ctrl+A to select all, press Ctrl+C to copy just the displayed and selected matching lines to clipboard, switch to UltraEdit or any other text editor, open a new file with Ctrl+N and press Ctrl+V to paste the copied matching lines.

      Alternatively open in UltraCompare Options - Configuration, click on Backup and Save, select Display result for one frame only as output format, close configuration with button OK, and click in menu File on Save Result Report. The active file pane is saved now as displayed.

      You might uncheck also Save result as Unicode on Backup and Save configuration dialog to get the matching lines saved into an ASCII/ANSI file instead of a Unicode file.
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria