UE Split Pane Editing

UE Split Pane Editing

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    Apr 22, 2023#1

    I searched but could not find a solution to split the editor to allow working with two open files next do each other.

    I found the "IDM Power Tip: Drag-N-Drop Split Pane Editing" but this does not help. In the "Note" it says: " In order to use the vertical/horizontal split window, you need to make the tabs “Undockable”. You can change this configuration setting in Advanced : Configuration : Application Layout : File Tabs : Operation by unchecking the “Dockable” tabs option."

    Because I can't move the tabs (they stay fixed, there is nothing to move) I thought I should follow the advice in the note. But ,,,

    The "note" is frustrating: It does not say *where* I can find "Advanced": Does it refer to "Preferences" -> "Editor" -> "Advanced"? However, in my version of UE there are only two things to check: "Load/restore printer settings" and "Grouped undo", but not "Application layout". Is there any other "Advanced" setting in UE? If yes, where? Not very helpful, indeed. A power tip should really help to do things, but it does not.

    Thus I searched further for a way to make the tabs "undockable". But because there is a confusing number of versions of UE and because explanations rarely mention to which version the explanation refers, hints like "If you have the Advanced menu and the open file tabs are gone, click on View - Views/Lists - Open File Tabs." does not help because it does not say *where* I find the "Advanced menu".

    In my version of UE (version for Linux), I can't find "View/Lists" under "View" (although "View" exists). WHY IS THERE NO SIMPLE MANUAL FOR MY VERSION OF UE? Because the online search for help is extremely frustrating, I hope that there are people out there who can help me.

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      Apr 23, 2023#2

      I only use UltraEdit for Windows so cannot say for sure if the Linux version will have the same options. If I right click on an open file tab, I get a context menu that includes a sub-menu with the file tab settings as shown in that attached screenshot. Alternatively, I can go to Advanced / Settings / Application Layout / File Tabs / Operation to configure the file tab operation.


      File tabs.png (129.77KiB)

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        Apr 23, 2023#3

        Thank you Frank for you quick reply!

        I am not exactly sure what you mean by "Open File" Tab. The screenshot next shows what I see in my version of UE (Linux):
        UE_OpenFile-01.png (20.86KiB)
        If  I click on (1) the common "Select File" window opens from which I can choose the file to open.
        If I click on (2) I see the following options (not a screenshot because after clicking on "File" I can't take screenshots, hence I took the effort to transfer what I see into a text document):
        UE_OpenFile-02.png (59.17KiB)
        Here there is no "File Tabs" sub-menu.

        You are writing "Alternatively, I can go to Advanced / Settings / Application Layout / File Tabs / Operation to configure the file tab operation." I don't know where I can find "Advanced".

        Any idea what I should do to solve my issue? Ultimately, I "only" want to split the editor window to allow working with two open files next do each other.

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          Apr 23, 2023#4

          You viewed a power tip for UltraEdit for Windows and created the topic also in the UltraEdit for Windows forum although using UltraEdit for Linux (UEX). I moved the topic into the right user-to-user forum. There is on the power tips page also the section UltraEdit Mac/Linux Powertips with:
          • Vertical and horizontal split window editing
            A convenient feature in UltraEdit for Mac/Linux when you’re manually comparing files, when you want to copy/paste between multiple files, or when you simply want to divide up your edit space.
          UltraEdit for Windows has three user interface modes: ribbon mode, toolbars/menu mode with contemporary menus and toolbars/menu mode with traditional menus. There is a ribbon tab / main menu Advanced in UltraEdit for Windows. UltraEdit for Windows supports two types of document (file) windows: dockable and non-dockable. UE for Windows supports also three types of the open file tabs bar: single line - scrollable, single line - drop down file list, multiline tabs. UE for Windows gives the user also the possibility to hide the open files tab bar, dock it at top, bottom, left or right or let it float as a separate window. In other words the users of UltraEdit for Windows have lots of options to customize the user interface of UltraEdit using features of graphical framework of Microsoft's GDI+ library.

          The possibilities in graphical user interface configuration of UltraEdit for Linux are reduced due to limitations of the graphical user interface frameworks of the various Linux distributions.

          I do not use Linux or Mac. I use only Windows and use for that reason also only UltraEdit for Windows. Your two screenshots do not show us two opened files in UEX. In the referenced UEX power tip is the open files tab bar the bar at top of the window between the toolbar with the symbol of the commands and the document window of active file index.html with the three open file tabs reverseLine.js, index.html and CSVTransposer.js.
          Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria

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            UE Split Pane Editing (solved)

            Apr 23, 2023#5

            Thanks a lot, Mofi, for your detailed explanation, especially for pointing me to the UE Power Tips for Linux. I was not aware that the Power Tips are specific for Windows and Linux -- when you arrive at a Power Tip by some searching, it is not possible to recognize that the tips shown are for a specific version of UE (neither in the tips for Windows, nor in the tips for Linux).

            The problem is solved: I have to drag the file tab to the scrollbar, not into the editor.

            Thanks again -- I did start already looking for alternative text editors for Linux that allow me to do what I need. BTW (on a different topic, of course): The problem of sorting within text files that is also specific for UEX and reported two years ago (see "Sort file starting in a specific column") could not be solved up to now and I gave up.