UEStudio '11 and AutoHotKey

UEStudio '11 and AutoHotKey


    Nov 22, 2011#1

    Had a devil of a time persuading AutoHotKey to recognize UEStudio '11 windows after the upgrade.

    It's because, rather than a reasonable ahk_class shown in Window Spy, as was the case with previous versions, you get something out of Window Spy like this:
    >>>>>>>>>>( Window Title & Class )<<<<<<<<<<<
    [Edit1] - UEStudio '11
    ahk_class Afx:00400000:8:00010011:00000000:019112D3

    And the number changes on a regular basis, so you can't use ahk_class any more to specify the UEStudio '11 window.

    So, things like this:

    GroupAdd, AutoCorrectGroup, ahk_class UEStudio '11

    won't work any more.

    What you _can_ do instead is this:

    GroupAdd, AutoCorrectGroup, UEStudio '11

    (note: no "ahk_class" in there)

    BUT, earlier in your .ahk file, you will need to add:

    ;needed for UEStudio '11, which uses process IDs as the ahk_class
    SetTitleMatchMode 2

    Hope this helps at least one other person to avoid my frustration in tracking this down.

    Take care.

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      Nov 23, 2011#2

      I don't really understand anything you wrote here because not using AutoHotKey, but thanks for this information. I'm quite sure there are other users for which your information is helpful.

      I just want to add that it can be configured if the title bar of UEStudio displays [document title] - application name or alternatively application name - [document title]. The configuration setting is Start application title with file name which can be found at Advanced - Configuration - Application Layout - Miscellaneous. The document title is the name of the file if the active document window shows the contents of a named file.

      The text on the title bar of an application window is displayed also in the Windows taskbar, but often truncated. That's the reason why many users wanted the option to output first the file name which IDM made the new default. File name first is helpful in case that more than 1 instance of UES or UE are running and the user quickly wants to see in the Windows taskbar which item to click depending on file name to restore correct application window for further work. The icon of the application is often enough to identify the application in the Windows taskbar.