UltraEdit performance when using third-party clipboard/AutoHotKey scripts

UltraEdit performance when using third-party clipboard/AutoHotKey scripts

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    Oct 17, 2018#1

    I'm encountering an issue when UltraEdit with Lintalist, an advanced AutoHotKey script. I started using Lintalist as I occasionally different text editors & IDEs and I prefer that my shortcuts & snippets work everywhere. (Also because I lost all of my UltraEdit snippets once and am not willing to trust it as a result.) Lintalist works perfectly everywhere (Word, NotePad++, Outlook, form fields, etc.), except for UltraEdit. When I press the TAB key to launch the Lintalist search window, I have to "intentionally pause" for 500 to 1000 ms before typing my search term or only the previous clipboard is pasted after making a selection. I don't believe that this is a Lintalist bug, although UE detection with an intentional search delay could probably be added to Lintalist to work around this issue, but I would rather know what's causing this to happen only in UE.

    Is there any internal and/or configurable delay when typing? Is there a feature I can disable? I don't care if I lose a little functionality in UltraEdit as being able to efficiently use my snippets globally is much higher priority.


      Oct 17, 2018#2

      It appears that the Templates | Auto-suggest smart template when typing | ... after pausing for 1000 ms option not only needs to be unchecked, but the "after pausing for" option needs to be set to "0".

      QUESTION:  Why should this time delay have any affect if the auto-suggest option is disabled/unchecked? Seems like a bug. I didn't think I'd have to set it to "0" since it wasn't enabled, but setting it to "0" seems to have eliminated the pause that was occurring and impacting Lintalist.

        Oct 17, 2018#3

        Now it's back to the previous behavior after using Lintalist for a while... where the current clipboard instead of the selected snippet is pasted. Every other program I've tried works, except for UltraEdit.

        Is this something I can disable to make this work? Please advise.

          FIXED: The bug was in third-party Nurgo AquaSnap

          Oct 19, 2018#4

          I started closing programs and determined that the problem was caused by Nurgo AquaSnap. I disabled all features and keyboard & mouse hotkeys and the problem persisted. The only solution was to quit the AquaSnap app entirely.

          I reported it to Nurgo on Twitter.
          https://twitter.com/gamesover/status/10 ... 9916546053
          and they released a 1.23.6 fix within hours (woohoo!) without responding to me (boo!).
          https://twitter.com/gamesover/status/10 ... 4864406528
          They haven't reported what the issue was and listed it as "minor bug fix", but I'm not sure why their program would intercept and mess with AutoHotKey pasting content to UltraEdit.

          I'm reporting it here in case anyone encounters similar issues with any programs that they use with UltraEdit.