Unable to create a project template that works by auto-suggest (fixed)

Unable to create a project template that works by auto-suggest (fixed)


    Sep 02, 2014#1

    I created a global test template named TestG as follows:

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    This is the global Test [+TestParameter+]
    I created similar ones for the Balanced, Language and Project sections. They are named TestB, TestL and TestP respectively.

    For each, when I type the name, it auto-suggests the correct template, EXCEPT for TestP.

    TestP will highlight when I type and pause, but the template contents never show up.

    I can insert the template by double-clicking it, and it works fine that way.

    The project in question is active.

    I updated to latest version, but there is no change. Auto-suggest still does not seem to work for project templates.

    Any ideas?


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      Sep 02, 2014#2

      This is an issue you should report by email to IDM support. It is obviously a bug.

      I just created a new project, added a project template file, added to the project template file a template with name TestP with same text as you have done, typed TestP, waited 1 second, and ... crash. UltraEdit reproducible crashes when it starts auto-suggesting the project template. I have just sent an email with the details to reproduce this crash and the saved crash report.

      There is no problem with same template as global, layout or language template.

      Update: This bug detected with UE v21.20.0.1015 was fixed with UE v22.10.0.10.
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria