"Batch" function to apply a macro to multiple text files

"Batch" function to apply a macro to multiple text files


    Apr 25, 2007#1

    I've written a macro that will apply some formatting rules to text files. I now need to apply the macro to a few hundred text files in various directories on a server. I need to iterate through all the folders on the server and apply the macro to each of the text files in each of the folders, eg:

    \\serverX\2007\Jan (contains 100 text files)
    \\serverX\2007\Feb (contains 200 text files)
    \\serverX\2007\Mar (contains 500 text files)
    \\serverX\2007\Apr (contains 200 text files)

    So, there are a total of 1000 text files in the folders in the \\serverX\2007 directory. I need to run the macro on all 1000 text files.

    Is there a "batch" command in UE that will allow me to go through each of the folders and apply the macro to all the text files in these folders?


      Re: "Batch" function to apply a macro to multiple text files

      Apr 25, 2007#2

      Hi DiamondEagle

      If you searched forum for "batch" you will see several discussions of invoking UE in command line mode and specifying a file list to open and macro to invoke - see for instance:
      Search & replace macro from a list of file names

      But I have used another approach several times - but it is only possible for UE13 !

      Under "Advanced / tool configuration" I have made a tool called "DIR" with performs a simple DIR dos command :

      Code: Select all

      DIR /A-D-H-S /B /S C:\temp\work\*.xml %modify%
      (see DIR /? for explanation)
      Tool options: Create new file, capture output, %modify% = popup box with command line

      The macro I want to use on multiple files is assigned in "Macro" "Set macro for file load/save". I use "..on load" 1 times.

      You might want to guard against this macro being invoked on unwanted files - for example use a test with IfExtIs (tests extension)

      Code: Select all

      IfExtIs "xml"
      "DO STUFF"
      To process multiple files with the macro of choice, I then use this script:

      Code: Select all

      //Configure a tool called "DIR" that performs a DOS DIR command (see in findDirFiles)
      var CRLF = "\r\n";
      dirFiles = new Array();
      if (dirFiles.length>0)
      // Call tool "DIR" which make 
      // dir /A-D-H-S /B /S root-filepath/filemask
      // (no dirs, no hidden, no system, short list, subdirectories)
      // root-filepath/filemask of your choice (eg. c:\temp\*.txt)
      // tool should capture DOS output to new file
      function findDirFiles() {
      	dirDoc = UltraEdit.document[getActiveDocumentIndex()];
      	var dirOutput = dirDoc.selection;
      	dirFiles = dirOutput.split(CRLF);
      /* loop through files and do processing of your choice */
      function performBatchProcessing() {
      	for (i=0;i<dirFiles.length;i++) {
      		if (dirFiles[i].length>0) {
      			UltraEdit.open(dirFiles[i]); /* Open file, load macro "fires" */
      			UltraEdit.closeFile(dirFiles[i],1); /* save and close */
      /* Find the tab index of the active document */
      function getActiveDocumentIndex() {
      	var tabindex = -1; /* start value */
      	for (i = 0; i < UltraEdit.document.length; i++)
      		if (UltraEdit.activeDocument.path==UltraEdit.document[i].path) {
      			tabindex = i;
      	return tabindex;
      Remember to remove your "..on load" macro option if this was a one time job.

      Now adjust the above to your situation and then go get a cut of coffee while the script works its way through a 1000 files. I hope you found some inspiration in this.

      Cheers, jorrasdk

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        Apr 26, 2007#3

        Very slick! Nice work, jorrasdk!