Terminal session linked to project

Terminal session linked to project


    Dec 19, 2008#1

    I use UltrEdit to develop and compile remotely on a Solaris server. Seeing as UE or UES cannot do remote compilation, I find the telnet terminal window invaluable to execute remote compilation commands etc. I have dozens of code projects, each in different directories and I find having to start the terminal, change directory *every* time I open a project extremely tedious. Is there some way of hooking a terminal window to a project? If this could also issue the change directory commands this would be even better!

    This would be an extremely viable alternative to true remote compile.


    Ron Webb


      Dec 19, 2008#2

      No, the terminal window is only loosely integrated with the rest of the functionality of UE. You cannot interact with the terminal window through macros, scripts or user tools.

      My immediate thought about a possible solution to remote compilation was:
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      Create a Telnet/SSH account for EACH compilation task (even though these are all on the same server) and use the "remote command" option on the "Advanced" options tab and specify the commands you have to issue to compile remote. (seperate several commands with semicolon).
      UE F1 help wrote:Remote Command
      This option may be used to specify a command which will be executed automatically upon successful completion. After the command has been executed the terminal session will be automatically disconnected.
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      - create a (user) project tool for each project (each remote compilation script)

      - The project tool should use plink.exe of the PuTTY family to invoke to compilation command on the remote host

      (More about: Creating user and project tools)

      (and don't forget: If you lack functionality in UE - send a feature request to IDM - see e-mail at top of the page).