Feature suggestion - Project shortcuts

Feature suggestion - Project shortcuts


    Nov 28, 2014#1

    In the Project View, I would like for "Shortcuts" to also support actual "windows shortcuts" that would open other file types, as well as run files and/or URLs.

    I'm currently developing using node.js and I sometimes find myself having to start my a new process and would like to just double click on a shortcut.

    Also I'd like for some URLs to be available right in the interface for testing...

    I also keep some statistics for my project in an Excel workbook and I would have liked to simply double-click a shortcut and have it open up.

    Perhaps we can already do this, but it isn't obvious. I also have UE Studio at home which might offer interesting features which might correspond with what I need, albeit I use my UE license at work.

    I can, of course, make a folder with all of this and open it up and then use the links in them to do all that (which is what I'm actually doing right now), but having it in a shortcut in the project view would save me quite a few clicks...

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      Nov 28, 2014#2

      Clicking on *.lnk files in project view results in either opening the file the shortcut links to in UltraEdit for editing or opening the *.lnk file itself (in hex edit mode) for editing. So you want one more option, execute the shortcut instead of loading in UltraEdit for editing.

      In UE/UES usually user and project tools are used to execute something. Those tools are more or less nothing else than shortcuts with some more options. Up to 25 user tools and up to 25 project tools can be configured via Tool Configuration and Project Tool Configuration in menu Advanced. But in real the number of tools is unlimited, see How to run ANY console or Windows application from within an UE script/macro?

      The configured tools are listed in menu Advanced for execution with an icon if a *.bmp, *.ico, *.png, *.jpg, *.tif is assigned to the user/project tool. But it is also possible to add them all to a customized toolbar. As it is very easy to switch just a toolbar configuration via View - Views/Lists - Toolbars or the entire layout via View - Layouts (in older versions of UE known as environments) when switching a project, such project related tools are my favorite choice for what you have described. And of course my projects have nearly all project tools.

      The user and project tools can be executed also via hot-key or chord (multi-key). All keys for executing the up to 50 project tools can be configured in the key mapping configuration dialog.

      Another method for starting all those tools is creating a macro file with lots of macros each just running a user or project tool. This macro file can be set as being automatically loaded with the project via Set Auto Load Macro in menu Project. There is a Macro List view which can be opened with View - Views/Lists - Macro List or via click on command icon in customized toolbar. This list view can be configured also to be docked with auto-hide enabled like other views. Or the visibility of this view is toggled with a custom hot-key or chord for keyboard junkies like me. (Alt+Shift+Letter of view toggles in my configuration the visibility of all views offered by UE/UES.)

      And last but not least it is of course also possible to create lots of small UltraEdit scripts where each script just executes a user or project tool. With those small scripts added to scripts list via Scripting - Script List, the user and project tools can be started also via the Script List.

      Perhaps you can give some or all that I try. But if you are still not happy with what I suggested, feel free to send a feature request email to IDM support with one more configuration setting which results in executing a *.lnk file instead of loading the shortcut file or the file it links to into UE/UES when this setting is used.
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        Nov 29, 2014#3

        Mofi wrote:Another method for starting all those tools is creating a macro file with lots of macros each just running a user or project tool. This macro file can be set as being automatically loaded with the project via Set Auto Load Macro in menu Project
        Well darn it, I thought I looked everywhere; before I posted this, I looked into macros (since I noticed the auto-load macro option in the menu), checked whether Tools could me linked with projects, but in the Project menu... but it wasn't in the Project menu!

        I was looking for Project specific tools since each project starts different apps.

        So, well I hope that the solution lies in the there, since with the instructions you provided, I understand now where the solution lies, so thank you very much.

        Although, I still retain the feature request, although perhaps reworded more specifically as you mentioned, to be able to execute shortcuts right from that view, because it would be quite easy and straightforward to setup... Right now it's a bit convoluted. I've been using UE for so long and probably only use like 10% of it's features :p.