Scroll bars of File View or Function List not working on secondary screen in UE v21.00 (fixed)

Scroll bars of File View or Function List not working on secondary screen in UE v21.00 (fixed)


    Mar 05, 2014#1

    Windows 7 Ultimate (SP1)

    I use dual monitors on my Windows 7 system, and I often have multiple sessions of UltraEdit running at the same time. I have noticed that with version 21, the scroll bars do not function in the "File View", "Template List" or "Function List" panes for any UltraEdit window opened to a secondary monitor. The scroll wheel works, but scroll bars appear to be disabled.

    Everything works as expected on the primary monitor.

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      Mar 06, 2014#2

      First, I suggest to download latest version of UltraEdit and run the installer to update to latest version. UE v21.00.0.1030 is not the latest version.

      Second, if the problem exists also in latest version, I suggest to open View - Themes - Manage Themes while UltraEdit is on secondary monitor and select the theme Classic. Just selecting is enough, do not click on button Apply or OK. Now verify if the scroll bars of the view are visible and working. You can do that although the Manage Themes dialog is still opened.

      Reason for this check: With theme Classic there is on tab Application the application style UltraEdit Classic selected. And with any application style other than Custom the scroll bars are not custom scroll bars drawn completely by UltraEdit, but the Windows theme based scroll bars.

      If the Windows standard scroll bars are displayed and working fine on secondary monitor, the problem must be searched in code of UltraEdit for custom scroll bars.

      Press Cancel in Manage Themes dialog to keep your preferred theme unchanged and report the problem to IDM support by email.

      Important would be perhaps also if your secondary monitor is positioned left or right of primary monitor. All x-coordinates are negative with a secondary monitor positioned left of primary monitor as top left corner on primary monitor has always the x/y-coordinates 0, 0. I have seen many applications fail to display something correct on a secondary monitor positioned left of primary monitor because of using internally unsigned integers instead of signed integers for calculating positions of elements or handling negative values for x- or y- coordinates as invalid values although that is wrong with a monitor positioned left of primary monitor (all x-coordinates negative) or above a primary monitor (all y-coordinates negative).

      Problem with usage of custom scroll bars with using a secondary monitor left or right to primary monitor is fixed in UE v21.00.0.1033 which is available for download from main download page. The problem with secondary monitor above primary monitor is not yet fixed, but the bug is confirmed already by IDM and should be fixed in next public release.
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria

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        Mar 13, 2014#3

        I have a similar problem with the same version of UE on a second monitor. The scrollbar on the Output Window is not "click and draggable". Switching to the Classic theme fixes the problem, as does moving UE to my primary monitor. My second monitor is positioned above my primary monitor.

          Apr 22, 2014#4

          Fixed in Thanks.