Icons are blurred in Classic mode with 64-bit UltraEdit version 24 on Windows 10

Icons are blurred in Classic mode with 64-bit UltraEdit version 24 on Windows 10

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    Jul 23, 2017#1


    The icons are blurred in Classic mode in 64-bit UltraEdit version 24 running on Windows 10. Take a look on the screenshot below. In ribbon mode the icons look well.

    I try to set the DPI options for UltraEdit, but only the fonts are clear.

    The icons in Classic mode are not blurred In 64-bit UltraCompare version 17 on Windows 10, see second screenshot.

    Regards, Mario
    UltraEdit Icons are blurred.png (79.3KiB)
    UE Screenshot
    UltraCompare Icons are not blurred.png (58.95KiB)
    UC Screenshot

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      Jul 23, 2017#2

      Which version of UltraEdit version 24 do you use exactly?

      Open Hilfe - Info (English: Help - About), select the version string and copy it with Ctrl+C to clipboard.

      I'm asking that because of UltraEdit hotfix information page contains currently the following information for version
      • Fixed menu painting issue on Windows 7 with Classic theme enabled
      And using 32-bit UltraEdit v24.10.0.32 on 64-bit Windows 7 SP1 with Windows Classic desktop theme, and additionally having the color fading in active and inactive title bar disabled with giving second color of the bars the same color as the first color, and selecting in UltraEdit the Classic theme (VS 2005 look), the icons are drawn as stored in the resources of UltraEdit. So I can't reproduce this issue with my Windows 7 computer using currently latest version of UltraEdit and using standard DPI settings (100% which is 96 DPI) and using the toolbars with small icons.

      You might click with secondary (right) mouse button on a toolbar and left click on context menu on Große Symbole (English: Large buttons). And you might enable some or even all additional toolbars predefined by IDM Computer Solutions, but disabled by default using Anpassen (English: Customize), selecting tab Symbolleisten (English: Toolbars) and check the check boxes of the additional toolbars.

      What most likely not many UltraCompare/UltraEdit/UEStudio users know is that Microsoft defined several looks in their ribbon framework. The UC/UE/UES Classic theme uses the look ID_VIEW_APPLOOK_VS_2005. But I prefer the look ID_VIEW_APPLOOK_WIN_2000. Look on the image below to see the difference with VS_2005 look at top and WIN_2000 look at bottom.

      Classic_VS2005_versus_Win2000.png (27.69KiB)
      Main menu and toolbar of UE v24.10.0.32 in traditional menu mode with VS_2005 and with WIN_2000 look.
      To use the Classic theme with a different look than ID_VIEW_APPLOOK_VS_2005 do the following:
      1. Open with using traditional menus View - Themes - Manage themes (German: Ansicht - Themen - Themen verwalten)
      2. Select theme Classic if not already selected at top of the dialog window.
      3. Click on + symbol right of theme list and click on first menu item Add new theme (German: Neues Thema hinzufügen which is definitely not good translated, I have to report that).
      4. Enter the name for the new theme based on Classic theme, for example: ClassicWin2000.
      5. Click on button OK and back in previous window again on button OK.
      6. In UE/UES press Ctrl+O and enter as file name %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UltraEdit\themes\ClassicWin2000.ue-theme and open this file.
        UEStudio users must replace in path UltraEdit by UEStudio.
        UltraCompare users must replace in path UltraEdit by UltraCompare.
        Note: Theme files can be also stored anywhere else depending on storage location of INI file. This is just the default location.
      7. In fourth line replace VS_2005 by WIN_2000, save and close the theme file.
      8. Restart UltraCompare or UltraEdit or UEStudio.
      Other theme looks as defined by Microsoft and found in uc.exe or uedit32.exe or uedit64.exe or uestudio.exe are:
      • ID_VIEW_APPLOOK_OFF_2003
      • ID_VIEW_APPLOOK_VS_2005
      • ID_VIEW_APPLOOK_VS_2008
      • ID_VIEW_APPLOOK_WIN_2000
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria

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        Jul 25, 2017#3

        Dear Mofi,

        the version is But I see on your screenshots that your icons are although not "crystal" clear. This should be a general problem with the actual icon set.

        The VIEW_APPLOOK feature is a very interesting undocumented feature. Some of them are nice.



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          Jul 26, 2017#4

          The icons on my screenshot look exactly as the PNG images are stored in UltraEdit resource file ueres.dll.

          You could extract the PNGs with a resource tool, improve them in an image drawing application and send the improved PNG images to IDM support by email if you think you can do it better. I'm sure IDM Computer Solutions welcomes your work on the images. Please note that the PNG images are with an alpha channel. So the used image drawing application must support PNG with an alpha channel.

          But please take into account that all images in resource must look good for all themes installed by default with UltraEdit. So make sure not using colors which can't be seen well when a dark theme with dark ribbon/toolbar/menu background color is used.
          Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria