Settings or disabling of recovery

Settings or disabling of recovery

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    May 16, 2019#1

    1. The German help file contains for "recovery" two shorts paragraphs, in English, not in German.
    2. "Wiederherst*" is found many times in help file, but I think not related to "recovery".
    3. In settings "Recovery" is not found.
    4. "Wiederherstellen" shows some results in settings, but not the word itself?

    On some places where I store my used files with UE (local and network), I found some RAC files. This looks like "recovery" files from UE.

    How can I handle it to:

    a) store them in a defined place
    b) or disable this totally?
    UE German / Win 10 x 64 Pro

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      May 17, 2019#2

      The binary recovery files *.rac used to restore as much as possible of modified files after a crash of UltraEdit or Windows are stored in a directory depending on
      1. Location of used INI file as displayed at Advanced - Settings or Configuration - Application layout - Advanced which is by default %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UltraEdit
      2. in subdirectory autorec which has hidden attribute set
      3. in subdirectory with name %COMPUTERNAME%@%USERNAME%.
      In other words the default directory for the recovery files is
      on not using a different storage location for the INI file as described in English help of UE on page INI File Selection and Advanced Settings or in user-to-user forum in sticky configuration/INI settings topic UltraEdit INI file location.

      They storage location of the recovery files cannot be customized other than using the options to define storage location of INI file. The recovery feature cannot be disabled, too.
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria

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        May 17, 2019#3

        Interesting  ...
        I have ...AppData\Roaming\IDMComp\UltraEdit\Restore\ with numbered file extensions, but no RAC and no autorec ...
        But my folders are handled with a "folder redirection", and maybe this causes the problems.
        I will change the INI to another place.

        Edit: Yes - after changing the location of my INI I got the paths you mentioned ...
        UE German / Win 10 x 64 Pro