UE REGEX tutor integration for PERL-REGEX?

UE REGEX tutor integration for PERL-REGEX?


    Jan 14, 2008#1

    I would love it if you could integrate a coaching application for REGEX such as

    website: http://www.ultrapico.com/Expresso.htm
    download link: http://www.ultrapico.com/ExpressoSetup3.msi

    Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package (x86) required:
    http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/deta ... laylang=en



    This would prob help a lot of PERL-flavored REGEX newbies like me.

    Another suggestion would be a pull down menu when you activate the REGEX option on the find menu so you can put REGEX constructs on the search and replace input boxes (ala EEmurasoft's EMEDIT).


      Jan 17, 2008#2

      I have integrated already RegexBuddy as a user tool using the command line

      "C:\Program Files\JGsoft\RegexBuddy3\RegexBuddy.exe" -getfromclipboard -putonclipboard -appname "UltraEdit-32" /testfile "%f"

      This does the following:
      • take whatever is in the clipboard and pass this to Regexbuddy as the regex to be edited.
      • take the current file and pass it to RB as the file to test the regex on in a risk-free way. (The parameter /testfile is currently undocumented but works well. You might want to set the option "save current file first" in the tool configuration dialog.)
      • in RegexBuddy, clicking on "Send" will copy the edited regex into the clipboard and exit RB.
      Of course, you can set it up differently. E.g., if you don't need a regex for the current file but rather want RB to create a regex string that can be used in a program you're editing (to automatically get all the backslashes right in a C++ string), then you wouldn't use the /testfile parameter but rather the -string parameter etc. See the Regexbuddy documentation for more details).


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        Apr 01, 2009#3

        works!!! great !!!

        thanks again for the great tip!!!

          Jun 04, 2010#4

          I am using v16.10.0.1025 of UE and v3.4.2 of regex buddy.

          I have in UE -> Advanced Tool Configuration the following
          Regex Buddy
          "C:\Program Files\JGsoft\RegexBuddy3\RegexBuddy.exe" -getfromclipboard -putonclipboard -appname "UltraEdit-32" /testfile "%f"

          Nothing for the toolbar bitmap.
          Now, when I run regex buddy from the Advanced menu I see
          • If Dos is checked no error message.
            The file is copied into regexbuddy.
            The command line above is copied into the regex epxression, unless I do a copy to the clipboard of the regex.
          • If Windows is checked I get a message box saying it is unable to create file for write, but the operation was successful.
          Using either one, I am unable to get modifed text from the regex buddy back into UE.
          Is it possible to get both the modified regex and the modified text back into UE?



            Jun 04, 2010#5

            This tool command needs to have the "Windows program" radio button checked. It assumes that the current file has been saved to disk (you might want to turn on the option "Save current file first"), and that the clipboard contains the regular expression that you want to edit. After leaving RegexBuddy via its Send button, the edited regex will be in the clipboard.

            There is no way to get the modified text itself back into UE unless you use RegexBuddy to save it under the same filename.

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              Jun 24, 2011#6

              For us 64 Bit Windows folks use

              "C:\Program Files (x86)\JGsoft\RegexBuddy3\RegexBuddy.exe" -getfromclipboard -putonclipboard -appname "UltraEdit-32" /testfile "%f"
              to run regex buddy. It works great!!!