Where should UltraEdit/UEStudio scripts be stored and where to enter the description?

Where should UltraEdit/UEStudio scripts be stored and where to enter the description?

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    21:07 - Aug 16#1

    Where do you set the directory where scripts are located? Or do I need to add each existing script one at a time?
    The reason I ask is either after the last update or the previous one my scripts disappeared from the "All Scripts" popup window.

    Also (see attached image), whether adding a new script or editing one, I am not able to enter a description in this field. This might be just for display, if so, where and how do I enter the description text?
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    Scripts dialog window with not editable description field

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      7:02 - Aug 17#2

      Every UE/UES script must be added separately to the Scripts list with the Scripts dialog window with using the button Add or using in context menu of the Script list view the menu item Add script. The scripts storage location can be any directory for each script. The fully qualified file name of each script file is stored in the configuration file %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UEStudio\volatile\ues.vod.

      It is in general useful to have all scripts in same directory. Which directory is used depends on usage of the scripts.

      If there is only one computer used and the scripts are used only by yourself, it is most likely best to create a subdirectory Scripts in the directory %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UEStudio, put the UES script files in this directory and add them to the Scripts list. There must be taken care never using the option Remove application settings during an uninstall of UEStudio on doing that because of that uninstall option results in the complete deletion of the entire directory %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UEStudio with all its subdirectories and files.

      There could be also created a directory UEStudioScripts in directory %APPDATA% or in directory %USERPROFILE%, put the script files into this directory and add them from there to the Scripts list. The scripts are in this case also only for this computer and your account, but are never deleted on an uninstall of UEStudio even on having checked the uninstall option Remove application settings.

      If multiple computers or accounts on same computer are used or if the scripts are shared with others like colleagues, it is advisable to use a directory for the scripts which is accessible for all users/accounts respectively synchronized between the used computers.

      It is also possible to use two script directories, one for scripts used by multiple users (shared scripts) and another one for the own scripts.

      The field Script description is not editable in the dialog window Scripts. I don't like that too. I requested once in the past to make it editable to edit or add the description for a script which is already in the Scripts list. But that is at the moment not possible with UES v2023.0.0.50. The description must be entered already in the Open dialog window which is opened on clicking on button Add in the Scripts dialog window after selecting the script file with a single primary pointing device button click and before clicking on button Open. It is unfortunately not possible to add or edit the script description later.

      There are two possibilities to add/edit the description for a script which is already in the Scripts list.
      1. The script is removed from the list with button Remove and added once again with button Add and entering this time the description before clicking on button Open.
      2. While UEStudio is not running the file %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UEStudio\volatile\ues.vod is opened with Windows Notepad (or with UltraEdit on having UltraEdit installed in addition to UEStudio). This file contains the section [Scripting] with lines beginning with Desc X= with X being a number starting with 0 for the first script in the Scripts list. The description must be entered between the two double quotes for each script listed in same section. The file is saved and the used text editor closed after finishing adding/editing the descriptions for the script files. Then UEStudio can be started again and the scripts have now the entered descriptions.
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria

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        18:39 - Aug 17#3

        Thanks❗ This is Awesome, Now this text, your explanation should be in the help section for "Scripting"❗